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 1950's Vintage ROSCO 5.5" Dark Horn Picklock Italian Stiletto Switchblade  
 1950's Vintage ROSCO 5.5" Dark Horn Picklock Italian Stiletto Switchblade ENLARGE

 1950's Vintage ROSCO 5.5" Dark Horn Picklock Italian Stiletto Switchblade ENLARGE

 1950's Vintage ROSCO 5.5" Dark Horn Picklock Italian Stiletto Switchblade ENLARGE

Vintage 1950's ROSCO 5.5" Dark Horn made by MAURO MARIO Bayonet Picklock Italian Stiletto Switchblade

Extremely Rare Picklock Switchblade Knife from Italy

Knife is on page 64-65 of the book "Switchblades of Italy" by Tim Zinser

Knife is on page 124 of "Foreign Spring Steel Collectors Guide Vol.1" by Vincent Federico.


ROSCO was the brand name for the George Rose Company of California

During the 1950's they imported knives from Italy and Germany.

The Stiletto Industry in Italy has always been known as a cottage industry.  The Mauro Mario Company was the largest maker of switchblades in the 1950's.  They produced 100,000 switchblades annually in the peak years and had many different tang stampings for its own products and made products for other companies.

Most Stilettos were and still are made with identical specifications but are marked according to the export company or re-seller.  All the parts are interchangeable because all the same dies and machines are used.  Parts were sent to their own unique label or import company for assembly in some cases and other companies chose finished products from the company.  Only the generation of Italians that lived in 1950's and worked in this industry will have the true insight to what just went on.

After WWII Angelo Campolin became the production manager and joined the brothers Elso and Mauro Mario.  In the beginning it was only these three workers but it grew to 50 men.

Mauro Mario Company produced knives with its own name and brand names Mauro M, Rosco, Wandy, Joy, Whitby, GC Co (Gutman Cutlery Company of New York), M. ITALY, and many others.

This is a one of a kind piece that has is all original manual parts but has has been converted to an automatic.

A masterpiece collaboration that no one else will have.

This is a true unique piece of 1950's Switchblade History.


  • Manufacture Date 1950's
  • Bayonet Blade
  • Dark Horn Handle Scales.
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters
  • Classic Picklock Closing
  • Quick Action Opening And Lock Up Is Superb.
  • Overall Length: 5.5"
  • Blade Length:  2.5"
  • Closed Length:  3"

Comes With Free Presentation Box Because Knows Rare Knives

$1,299.99 $699.99
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