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Out The Front Switchblade Knife KITS & PARTS
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I’m Tired of Taking the Gamble On Things I Order.

I Know I am Naughty But Now Understand I Want To Play By The Rules.

I’m Tired Of Import Failure.

I Understand That Using The Rules Against My Opponent To Win The Game Is A Successful Method Of Victory.

I Will Not Accept Defeat & Will Not Be Told What I Can & Can’t Do.

I Will Accept The Rules You Forced Upon Me & Use Them To Defeat You.


This $15 Fee is for making anything that I do not have in my KIT sections into a Kit.

The $15 covers my time to take it apart for you and whatever needs to be done to it to make it adhear to the rules and nonsense you unfortunately have to listen to when importing.


Remember you can buy a crack pipe all day long.

They can not arrest you for buying a crack pipe and send you to the clink because they think and assume you will smoke crack and break the law.

You can buy a crack pipe whenever you feel like, and owning it means nothing even though any of us with a fucking brain know exactly what you are going to do with it.  But the fact still remains you might not smoke crack, you might like to stick it up your ass and you have that right and no one can assume what you are going to do with it or not do with it.

What the hell are you talking about?

We are talking about KITS.  The powers that think they control you can’t assume anything just like the crack pipe, so you ordering things that follow their rules does not mean they can make assumptions about you and what you do with things.  The way they are is legal, just like a crack pipe.

You have to break an act to be guilty and they can’t think or assume you are going to break that act.

It would be like popping a boner at a strip club and then arresting you on rape charges.  How do they know you would commit rape?  Maybe you’d pay for a nice lap dance or go jack off yourself.

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