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 Benchmade BALISONG HEX Pivots Set of 2 for Balisong Buttefly Knives  
 Benchmade BALISONG HEX Pivots Set of 2 for Balisong Buttefly Knives ENLARGE

 Benchmade BALISONG HEX Pivots Set of 2 for Balisong Buttefly Knives ENLARGE

AFTERMARKET Stainless Steel Slotted Pivot Set of 2 Replacements for Benchmade BALISONG Butterfly Knife

Forget The Stupid Pivot Designed Hardware On The BM42, Benchmade Is Run By Idiots !!!

Tired of Junk Hardware, Then Let Exiled Cutlery Hardware Solve The Problem.

ECC has redesigned pivots with an open HEX back so you can use an Allen Head Key screwdriver to firmly hold it in place while you tighten and set the screws, this makes things simple and efficient and easy to adjust and remove.

The Slotted ones were good but a bitch to old and with the 90 degree of an Allen Head Key it makes life so much easier.

Then ECC one up'ed this shit with leaving the back open so you can apply threadlocker from the backside and comes with self sealing screws.

Pure Fucking Genius.

Ok, Asian Hardware SUCKS !!!!

The Asian Made Balisongs Are Alright But The Hardware Is JUNK !!!!

Fits into 5/32" hole mounts, that means 3.9mm for all you Metric guys.


I had these custom made in Colorado, so these are high quality nothing but the best.

The absolute best small barrel pivot on the market for stiletto switchblades

Heat Treated for Low Wear.

440C Stainless Steel wich Rockwell Hardness of RC-58

5/32 (0.154") pivot with 4-40 screw.

  • Diameter of Shaft:  5/32 (0.154") (3.91mm)
  • Overall Length:  11/32 (0.3375")  (8.57mm)
  • Diameter of Barrel Slot Head:  13/64" (0.197") (4.99mm)

The barrel pivot has an increased diameter to press fit one side into the frame, making the screw hold while tightening the screw on the other side.

This also stops the pivot screw from un-tightening from pivot spin.

The assembly comes with a 4-40 screw that is self sealing.

Modifiable for Replacement Retrofit Of Many Existing Balisong Butterfly Knives

Aftermarket Part made to exact specifications of the Benchmade BM42 models.

These Pivots Will Work On:

  • Exiled Cutlery
  • All Chinese Made Models That Have Screw Construction:
  • Anaconda and Barracuda Models
  • All Mtech Twister Models
  • Cobra Balisong Models
  • Even Works On Benchmade BALISONG Models

Modifiable for Replacement Retrofit Of Many Existing Balisong Butterfly Knives

These Pivots will work on all Benchmade models and you can now repair any balisong butterfly that is broken.

Comes with TWO 4-40 Torx Screws & TWO Barrel Pivot Pins

$39.99 $14.99
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