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Switchblade Knives from Italy

Understanding Authentic Italian Switchblade Knives

Authentic Italian Switchblade Knives from Italy are all hand crafted and made by skilled Italian switchblade knife makers in the Italian town of Maniago by the oldest Switchblade knife makers in the business in the same way they have been made for decades.

Authentic Italian Switchblade Knives from the Beltrame family: Frank Beltrame, Armando Beltrame and Renzo Beltrame.  Tang stamps which are used are Frank B., AB, SKM, INOX, ROSTFREI, STILETTO, ITALY, and STILETTO ITALY

Authentic Italian Switchblade Knives from the Camploin family: A.G.A. Campolin, AKC, Angelo Camploin and Massaro.  Tang stamps which are used are A.G.A. Campolin, AKC, and ROSTFREI

Many people have the opinion that Frank Beltrame knives are better or Armando  Beltrame or AB, SKM or Angelo Campolin switchblade stiletto knives are better but most of the italian knives, no matter if made by Frank Beltrame, Armando Beltrame, Angelo Campolin, AB, AKC or Massaro the switch blade stiletto knives are constructed of virtually identical parts and materials.

The Italian Switchblade Stiletto Switchblade knife industry is a cottage industry and the basic parts used in standard model Italian Stiletto switchblades are virtually identical.

Hand made will have slight variations from piece to piece especially when a natural scale material is used such as Buffalo horn or Stag antler.

Animal horn is affected by humidity and dryness so incorrectly storing models with naturan horn can cause damage to the horn itself.

These knives are sharp and fully functional but as tradition Italian stilettos collected for their novelty and are colellectibles.

Italy has long been known for their hand made classic stiletto style of switchblade knife but they also manufacture leverlock switchblades which are switchblades with a folding lever release rather than the standard button knife release.

Quick Reference Guide to State Switchblade Laws

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